Hey all
This will be my first post to this site so bare with me if I seem a little bit DAHHH
First of I need to tell you I hate phones,
All phones, And I flat out refuse to buy a celular but my Dad and my sister keep giving me their old cells. I have paid some clown at the local Radio Shack $40.00 to change my number to any new phone that I have recieved. Well I got sick of it when
my sister gave me a beautifull motorolla
time port phone, and I was told that he couldnt program it as he didnt handle telus any longer and that because the phone had been registerd with another carrier they couldnt get the unlock code anyway so the phone went to my kids as a toy until the battery ran out and the dogs probably buried it in the yard somewhere.
For the past 5 years I have been using the same cell for the reasons above, "BUT" I recently purchaced a new cordless for my home and its the same size as my cell, now I understand all the jokes directed my way.
I did it!!!
WHat I always refused to do,, I bought a new phone (Well new to me, A (and dont laugh)Motorolla startac) Its awsome compared to what I am used to. It came with time still on it so Im using it all the time, God damn its so small. I dont care if its digital or not
its a StarTac 6500 (WOOPEE) And it cost me $25.00 Canadian with 20 minutes left on the clock.
All I want to do is change my old number on my Sony to this new phone "MYSELF"
I have checked out several hacker sites (only to aquire several viruses) (HACKER SITES BAD )
Can anybody tell me where to get instructions on how to as well as the code to do so?

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