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    I have a i730 and it always worked fine but 2 days a go a started having a problem with it..the speaker that you put your ear up a to stop working and now the only way to talk on my phone is with the speaker phone..also when i hit a key on the pad i don't hear anything...i thinking that the key pad sound comes from the same speaker(the ear one)...so what is wrong ..do i have a bad speaker..also i can't go to a nextel store to get it fixed because my sim card is from a i90 and they know this and refuse to work on it.
    Please help Thanks Mark

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    here's what i would do if you have insurance on your phone just say you lost it and they will send you a new one in like 3 business days if you don't have insurance get it but don't tell them about the sim card and why wont they work on your phone because the sim card is from an i90 that doesn't make sense but any ways if you do report your phone lost they will send you one don't say it was stolen ecause they need a polcie report just say it was lost and they'l just charge you a $35 deductable that's all no hassel no problem it takes about 20 min to file a claim if you have any more questions feel fee to send me a message

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