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    ok i have the v400 and i would like to know how to transfer the pictures i have taken from it to my pc i have the usb cable and the mobile phone tools program installed as well as my blue tooth places. im totally new at all this so if you could give me detailed instructions on how to do this i would very much appreciate it oh ya and im running windows xp thanks for your time

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    You'll get a readme file when you download mpt that will show you how to do it

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    Start your "phone tools" program, let it run so that it starts, then click on the icon that says "multimedia studio" from there you click on "mobile explorer" then you will see "mobile phone" on your right hand side, click on "my pictures" right click on the picture file you want to transfer and it will prompt you "copy to computer" click on that and you're set.
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    Re: Please Help Me With My V400

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    Hello, to happen photos of a motorbike to the pc can have an easy tool, looks for Transfer of Data Telephone in Google and sadrá his pagina official. It downloads the version of free proof and pruebalo! Sure it will serve you!

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