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    i have two v60 series phones one that uses Cingular and one that uses Verizon. I want to unlock them and have gotten some unlock codes from a friend who works for Verizon. the problem is that i can't figure out how to enter the unlock codes.

    i have tried the following which i found here, except holding down the * key does nothing; no entry box ever pops up no matter how long i press the key:

    1. Press and hold the * key until an entry box is displayed, then let go
    2. Enter *, #, 3, 2, # and press "OK"
    3. Enter the unlock code and press "OK." The display should read "Completed" or "Deleted"

    also, how do i figure out if these phones have SIM cards? there isn't anything by the antenna, nor under the battery that I can see that looks like a removable card.

    thanks for the assistance

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    To enter the unlock code (SPC aka "Subsidy Lock Code" aka "Service Programming Code") you essentially have to start reprogram the handset with your MDN, MIN, SID, etc. This is the programming instruction for a v60c, if you have a different model (v60i, v60x, etc) these instructions may not work for you and you should take the handset to a sales office to have it programmed with your information. At that time a sales rep will ask for the SPC or "lock code" so they can complete the programming.

    Enter Programming Menu [MENU][0][7][3][8][8][7][*]
    Enter Security Code [0][0][0][0][0][0]
    Choose User Activation
    Enter Subsidy Lock Code
    Choose NAM1 [Enter 10-Digit MIN]
    AMPS Sys ID [Enter Home SID]
    CDMA Sys ID [Enter Home SID again]
    Select [Done]+[Back]+[Exit]

    The phone should now say Programming Complete

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    rancidhooligan--thanks for the info, much appreciated. i'll give it a try and post my results here.

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    when i entered the series of keypad strokes that you posted above on both of the phones, nothing happened. am i doing something wrong?

    one of the phones says Model: 60i (c)
    one says: 60T

    do i need different instructions?

    also, how do i figure out what my AMPS Sys ID, CDMA Sys ID and NAMI are? where is that info located?

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