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    Yeah I know I'm an idiot for leaving my cell phone in my car for almost an hour.
    Anyway...I went to take it out of my purse tonight and looked at it and saw it was dead so I tried to turn it on, all it does is flash the little "hellomoto" screen and turn back off again. I tried charging it, still doesn't turn on. I just got my phone in May so it's its not like the battery crapped out on me. Anything I can do for it, or do I have to just buy a new one?

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    Well I may have some good news for you I play darts quite a bit and own a few electronic dart boards which are similar to the liquid crystal in cell phones and it seems after a day or so after being left out in the sun (and I live in texas) everythings fine. Now if it's not the display you may get off easy and be able to just call your provider and tell them your phone just stopped working and being that it's under warranty they should send you a new one straight away.

    P.S. Don't mention that you left it out in the sun.

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    I was just looking at your location...NW Indiana, Hope that aint Gary haha (I was thinking the phone would have been jacked with your purse before you even realized what happened) if you were from there.

    Good stuff, but yes, this happened to my Game Boy Pocked back in the hey day and i waited and problem solved itself.

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