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    I heard there was a way to assign multiple numbers per entry in the address book in the V3 (silver) anyone know how to do this?

    I'm not talking about going to More-->phone #--->enter number and then hit okay cuz that adds another entry.....

    See More: V3 phone book

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    I have not seen that on motorola phones. I had a V60, V330 and now RAZR-V3. But that feature was there on a samsung that I had. One entry for the name and when you view the entry you can see the multiple phone numbers. Makes the list shorter to scroll. but requires extra key presses to dial.

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    If you set the phone to view primary contacts only then it will only show which ever number you have set as primary, but there will still be two seperate entries in the phonebook. I have everyones cell number set as primary and then home or work as secondary, all you have the do is press right when over the primary number and it will switch to the secondary number. It is a little confusing at first but it works perfectly and keeps you from having to scroll though 3 entries for the same person.

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    If you store your numbers to phone instead of sim, then use the 'more' selection at the end of the setup options when entering a name, you can add several more numbers and emails. When you finish with all of the entries and have stored it, view it and set a primary number. Then set you phonebook to view primary contacts. This was you will only see the primary contact for each entry, but if you choose to 'view' the contact you can scroll though all of the entries for that contact. You can also go the entry you want and when it's highlighted, use right or left direction keys and it will scroll though all of the entries for that contact. Just be aware whatever entry you stop on using the direction keys becomes the new primary number for that contact. Technically they may not be one contact, but the view primary makes it look like it. thats just as good to me! lol

    if you set to view primary only and still have double entries then you have the entries stored on the phone and sim. the only way to not have duplicates and have them stored in both places is to add all of the entries stored on the phone into a category other than 'default'. then choose to only view that category. Sim entries are stored in the 'default' category and cant be changed. I don't store numbers on the sim at all, it only takes a second to copy them from the phone to the sim if you need to.

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    Re: V3 phone book

    I am also interested in this question.

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    Re: V3 phone book

    Text automatically translated from: Portuguese to: English
    Motorola Phones are very nice

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    Re: V3 phone book

    I really liked your topic about phones. Thanks to the author for the information.

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    Re: V3 phone book

    It worked! What other settings can I change to make my phone work better?

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