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    Hi Folks. I am new here and first wanted to say hi. But, I do also have a question. I had a moto v60C and now i just upgraded to a moto v265. Both phones have the same charger connections, so, could I use the old wall charger for my v60c to also charge my v265? I also have a car charger for the v60c that I would like to use with my v265. The connection fits fine but I don't know anything about voltage so I don't want to damage my new v265. It would be a shame to have to throw away a good car charger and wall charger.

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    These chargers will work the same, but for our nextel users that may be browsing this forum, the charger that comes with your phone may not work on your old/neew phone. I've seen a lot of nextels that should be able to use the old 2 prong charger comming with a new three prong charger (or quick charger) and are nor reverse compatible. Just a heads up.

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    My old 120t charger works just find in the v710 and e815 (this is what one learns when one never entirely unpacks their travel doodads and leaves the new chargers in the car and its 103 outside and one doesn't wanna walk across the hot parking lot at the beach condo to get it.... ... did that makes sense?)

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    Re: can i use the my old wall and car charger?

    It seems, you don`t need it, becauze you can find more companies

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