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    I've got the Razr V3 for T-Mobile and have been customizing it. I was curious if anyone knows if it's possible to create your own CALLERTUNES for this phone? For anyone who doesn't know, CallerTunes is a service that lets you choose what your callers will hear until you answer your phone. Instead of the normal "ring, ring" they can hear music, sound effects, or short, spoken clips. I'm curious if you can create these without going through T-Mobile.

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    As of yet, no. It is a network bonus (if you can call it that) and the only wat I can think of doing what you want is to make it yourself and submit it to t-mobile. Good luck and let us know if it works for you.

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    cingular is talking about starting it as well. ringback tones...worthless feature if you ask me.

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    Callertunes, Ringback tones, etc......it's not worth it. People calling would think its actually think its going to voicemail. just like what troyboy30 said, its a worthless feature and its too damn overpriced to subscribe to it.
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    2 of my friends have that **** on their phones. the first couple times i called them, i would just hang up because i thought it was thier voicemail. I agree with it being worthless.

    Although, its your choice, so whatever you choose, have fun with it.

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    Re: Anyone know how to create their own CALLERTUNES?

    Yeah, I know how can a person can create its own callertunes. Fun Films is a company can make your own caller tune. For more info check create your own callertunes

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