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    What type of ringtones are supported on the Moto V262? and how can I convert them to those. It can play real music..so is that mp3 or something else??

    See More: file types (ringtones)

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    according to some reviews i read for that phone, yes it does support mp3 ringtones. now as far as how to put them on it? well i could only tell you that if you had sprint pcs vision... sorry

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    Help W/ RAZR V3 Ringtones

    I Searched and Searched...maybe cause I'm a newbie, Icould not find an answer...So...

    I have installed MPT..and all works great...Only thing I have a problem with is

    When I upload ringtones via "Melody Studio" they are in the phone...But when I try to play them they show as CORRUPT...

    Any clue as to why this is happening?

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    Perhaps they are to big and it isn't uploading the whole file.

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    Most, if not all, Motorola phones support mp3 ringtones. As a general rule of thumb, ringtones should be cropped to 30 seconds or less, otherwise they are just too big and take up too much space. Besides, when you're phone rings, it usually only plays like the first 20 seconds of the ringtone anyways... A good program to convert songs to mp3 is Sony Sound Forge 7. I have also used Xilisoft Video Converter and DBPowerAmp, but I prefer Sound Forge. Hope that helps.

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    you need a program (PolderbitS) that will let you chnge the bitrate (listed in kb) when you crop and save the mp3. Moto stock mp3 ringtones are 32kb i think.A 19.9 sec ringtone at 32 kb and 22khz will be about 80kB or less. You can go with 56kb or higher bitrate mp3s that sound much better,but take up so much space.you would only be able to have a handfull on your phone at a time. But to me its worth it,I dont need a different ringer for 100 different people.

    supported audio files on your phone are iMelody (.imy) MIDI (.mid) MP3(.mp3) and whatever the motmixer files are???

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