Hi all, I recently bought a Moto C975 off ebay, unlocked, second hand, off an online retailer. My one problem is, that my handset is always stuck on 2.5G! I don't think it's a fault in the phone, as the 3G icon has flashed occasionally on screen. I have asked friends, and they say they can pick up 3G on their handsets. My sim card is Orange, but their network now practically owns the model, so you'd think that the 3G would be one of their highest priorities.

I've narrowed down some possible causes:

1) The phone was unlocked from 3
2) A special sim is needed?
3) a fault (unlikely, as I can still make calls)
4) The area I live in? (I'm always on full bar though)
5) As it was bought second hand, there were a few gashes on the paint, so maybe it was dropped? (seems more like wear and tear though, as the marks are only on the corners).

Those are the likely causes (from my view), now I just need the answers - I didn't buy a double camera phone for nothing you know!

Any help or advice is greatly welcomed, thanks in advance.

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