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    just a quick question.. just wanna know if the v3x works with the at&t sim card.. thanks in advance..

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    Re: Does V3X work with AT&T Sim Card??

    keep in mind that the v3x does not have the 850 Mhz band, which is one of the reasons i haven't bought this beauty...

    also, there are not too many places that your AT&T sim card will work on the 1900 mHz so your signal will be limited but it will work as long as you're on the 1900 mHz band.

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    Re: Does V3X work with AT&T Sim Card??

    Yes AT&T sim cards work on the v3x i just bought a black 3 logo v3x and using it with att. The service is okay in my area but i wish it had the 850 band

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