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    I have a motorola v550 phone.

    I took a picture on my camera, saved it to my phone. I accidently deleted the picture whilst flicking through my pictures one day.

    My question is, is it possible to recover the file/photo from the memory bank/cache of the phone?
    technically it is possible, because anything that is deleted electronically can be recovered under circumstances.

    Is there any software avaliable for data recovery for the V550 (and compatibles) that is able to perform a data recovery?

    Is it possible to map the phone as a drive (e.g. M:\) under My Computer?
    I have some software that can recover data but can't seem to identify the phone as a storage device.


    See More: Data Recovery on Motorola Phones

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    Re: Data Recovery on Motorola Phones

    I don't think it is possible to recover deleted data from your phone. From now on, just use p2kMan to change the attributes of the pics you want to keep so that they cannot be accidently erased,. I believe the final number in the attributes needs to be 4. Do that, and the pictures will be "locked," and therefore not deletable. This also works for ringtones.

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    Re: Data Recovery on Motorola Phones

    If your deleted pictures are saved on the memory card of your phone,you can recover them with data recovery software.I have succeed to recover deleted videos and pictures from SD card with Tenorshare Data Recovery.I found it here: How to Recover Deleted Files from Mobile Phone?

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    Re: Data Recovery on Motorola Phones

    Yes, it is possible to recover lost files on Motorola phone, see this step by step guide that helped me before: Motorola phone data recovery

    The guide is easy to follow and works well for me. Hope that it helps you too.
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