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    Hey whats up everyone?

    Here is my current situation and questions, hopeully you guys and gals can help!

    I have a 2 year contract with Sprint which expires next year October. I am in need of a new phone b/c my current one blows, it won't charge up (probably needs battery replacement), but I want to get a new phone anyways, this one is over a year old I believe. Sanyo 7400 I think. I was looking through some of the cell phones and don't like anything Sprint has to offer, but I really like the Motorola SLVR. It seems as though lots of people own the Razr already, and the SLVR seems like a nice little phone to me. Problem is, only Cingular offers it (maybe some other carriers, but certainly not Sprint). I heard somewhere you can just buy the phone and then switch "cards" from your current phone into that one. I don't know anything about cell phones so I didn't even know what meant. So is it possible to keep Sprint and have Sprint service the SLVR? How would I go about doing this? Or would I need to void my contract with Sprint and sign up with whoever is offering the SLVR?

    Also what is the difference between the SLVR L6 and SLVR L7? I do not particularaly care if my next phone is a candy bar phone or not, but I just really liked the SLVRs apperance. I don't do much with my phone other than just talk and take the occasional picture here and there, so all the gadgets aren't too important to me. I just kinda want a cool looking phone that at least has the basics down, if it does I'd be satisfied. What are the other comparable phones to the SLVR (same style/price range, jw).

    Thanks so much

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    Re: Is the SLVR for me?

    Sprint uses CDMA technology for their network, the SLVR uses GSM. Different wireless technologies that are not compatible with each other. If you wish to stay with Sprint, get a phone that is carried by them. If you really want the SLVR, sign up with Cingular (or have the phone unlocked if you want to use it with T-Mobile or any other GSM provider).

    Here is a comparison of the 2 phones you asked

    Compare Phones (Phone Scoop)

    There have been other people who posted similar questions in this forum. You can find them using the search option. They will give out more details.

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    Re: Is the SLVR for me?

    You might not have to switch companies to get the L7, well atleast the L7c. Check out this: http://cellphoneforums.net/cell-phon...ed-sprint.html

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    Re: Is the SLVR for me?

    If you want to stay with sprint, here is a post in one website about how you can get more from sprint
    go to Hot Deals Club - frequently updated with the best deals
    scroll dows to postings for July 18 and read the post regarding sprint customer service and how to extract more from them.

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    Re: Is the SLVR for me?

    i changed over from nextel/sprint to get cingular, so far super happy, better coverage and sending texts is 100x easier. I have the SLVR L7 and am pretty happy with it, nice and small. don't even notice its in the pocket, plus storing music on it is super cool too!

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