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    Am currently under contract with Cingular until March 2007. When intially signed up with them got 2 Motorola V551 phones on a family plan well 2 weeks ago my phone went completely dead - wouldn't power on, couldn't charge has improved since and now it's just the screen is blank unless it's charging and you can actually see the word 'charging'. Called Cingular and they told me that I had damaged the phone and as I was out of the one year warranty to buy another phone.

    I bought an unlocked Motorola L6 GSM phone on-line from a company called Cellular Blowout.com/Wildcat Communications Group out of California after calling Cingular to see if this phone would be compatible with their network, which I was told it would be. The phone arrived and I charged it and put in the SIM card - not working Emergency Only calls or No Service, called Cingular they told me to go buy another SIM and they would credit my account which I did and they have. Still not working - called Cingular again and was told to go back to the Cingular store and to get a replacement SIM which I did, still not working. Called Cingular again and they said there was a problem with the phone and to call where I got it from which I did and was told by Cellular Blowout that it was a problem with the GSM they said that Cingular use 850 and 1900 in the US and they will not accept a return on the phone. I called Cingular again and told them that I think I'd figured it out and it was confirmed to me that Cingular do work on 1900 GSM which is fine with this phone, but still couldn't get it working. The Tech support guy I was speaking with for about an hour had contacted Motorola and was apparently told that the phone I have was made in Japan and that I had been scammed and it will not work in the US and that the company I had bought from was not in Motorola's database.

    What can I do now? I find it hard to believe that this issue cannot be remedied. Who is telling me the truth?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: New unlocked GSM Motorola L6 and Cingular

    The L6 you purchased is probably European, which is dual band 900/1900. With Cingular you need it to work on 850/1900. Since they will not let you return the phone, you could sell it yourself. The phone that you have will work with T-Mobile service, if you know anyone that has T-Mobile. When you are buying another phone, make sure it states that it works with the 850 and 1900 bands.

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