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    Hello everyone,
    Ok I have a Net10 Motorola phone with a answer machine message. You know, One of those "Im not here right now call back later" type message. I wanna know how I could possiably get the recording from the phone to my PC, I don't see any other connection for any other wires besides the charger wire. If anyone has any ideas please share them with me it would be very much apperciated. Thank You!

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    Re: Cellphone To PC

    Are you saying that you want to get a voice message from your cellphone onto your pc?

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    Re: Cellphone To PC

    Put it on speaker phone and hold the phone next to a mic on your PC while the message is playing. Use soundrecorder on your computer to capture the audio. The end result will not be of the highest quality, but for all intents and purposes, you'll end up with the message on your computer.

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