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    I feel like an idiot for asking this...

    I recently set my text messaging thing to save messages to my outbox. On some messages I've sent it says "Sent at x time, delivered at x time" (usually the same minute, sometimes later). Some messages it just says "Sent at x time" and doesn't say when it was delivered. Does that mean that those messages were never recieved?

    Also, most messages have an envelope beside them with a check, two have a plain envelope, and one has an orange exclamation mark beside it. What exactly do the symbols mean?

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    Re: cell phone symbols

    1st - the message will be sent later and buddy will recieve it later
    2nd - Means u have allready checked that message
    3rd - Means u have 2 new messages
    4th - I have no idea what the hell that orange symbol ur saying is

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