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    my v176 says this when i try to answer an incoming call or dial a call. the only number i have tried to call that worked is 911. anything else, even voicemail wont work. i have full service and all bars on my phone.

    ive called my service provider and they cant seem to figure it out, i have tried..

    master clear
    master reset
    new sim , twice
    replaced the phone
    changed the phone number.

    none of these worked so i was wondering if anyone knew anything about this error message.


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    Re: "max call numbers are reached"

    Yikes, I'm going through the same thing with the replacement v176 phone and SIM cards sent to me. How was your situation resolved? Service provider is sending me a second replacement phone, new SIM, etc., because according to them the problem is the phone, not the service. Hmm. Would like to know if your problem was fixed. Thanks!
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