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    Is it possible to unlock my sims card and then buy a new phone and put my sims card in that new phone. I have the Motorola V557 and it is under contract and I will have to out right buy the phone if I want a new one before it is upgradable. The phone is not working properly and I really want a new one. Is it possible to put my sims card in a new phone and just continue on. I can buy a new phone somewhere a lot cheaper than the price they have with AT&T Cingular. Before Cingular and At&t did their thing you could upgrade a lot easier than you can now that AT&T has come into the picture. So, to make a long story short I want a new phone and if I am going to have to out right buy the phone and pay a full price for it then i want to buy the one that I want and a cheaper price but I want to move my sims card into it. Do I need to unlock the card or phone or how can this be done? All help with this will be much appreciated. I am so tired of being stuck with this phone. I have 3 of these things I like them but some are not working properly and I just want a new one too!

    Thanks again for any help.

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    Re: Can I unlock my phone and use my sims in a new phone?

    Aparently, what you need it's not a unblock the simcard... For swapping the simcard between two different companies, you need that the phones be unlocked -at least, the one you wish to keept-. There are a lot of ways to do the unlocking of the phone (some free -but dangerous if not knowing what you are doing-, others you must pay -usually, safer-).

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    Re: Can I unlock my phone and use my sims in a new phone?

    If you unlock a GSM phone you can use it with another GSM carrier. The SIM can't be used with another company.

    If you find another ATT/Cingular phone unlocking in necessary. We'll it's necessarly necessary, :lol:
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