Hello. Noob here with a problem. I have an i560 for about 2 months now and all of the sudden the keypad is not working right. When I power on the phone everything comes on fine. The keypad is NOT locked. If it were it would tell me to press Menu+* to unlock. But it does nothing. If I close the phone, the outter display keeps switching from the time/date display to the previous call and back again. Every now and then the keypad will work which is how I know that the keypad is NOT locked or on AutoLock. I was able to get in that far before the keypad froze again.

Are there any known issues with this? I called Nextel customer service and they only cover it 30 days from activation so I would have to send the phone out to be serviced or take it to the nearest service center which is 30 minutes away. This is a company phone so I am trying my best to not be without it for a long time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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