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    Couldn't find any rules... so I hope I'm not breaking any.. I was a user of a nextel i860 and I recently lost my antennae. I did some digging around and found an old i850 and I would like to use it. I swapped out the sim card and powered on the phone, only to receive the "enter special code now" message. Can anyone assist me with this?

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    Re: i860 to i850

    i need some help with an i860 i had it unlocked i put my tmobile sim card in it and it told me service restricted but my 930 connects to it and i unlocked them in the same place unlocktotalk.com is thier somehitng wrong with my 860? i called nextel and they said it could be the sim doens belong thier (duh) and maybe they restricted it i think thats it brcause i got this phone off my bro and he lost service due to non pay any hallp out thereee?

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