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    Okay so i dropped my Motorola Hint in the Toilet the other night...i immediatly grabbed it and wrapped it in a towel to dry it off the best i could...a few minutes later i removed the battery and tried to remove all the water that was inside...i made the mistake of trying to turn it on after it fell in and the screen would flicker but it wouldnt turn on...after that i took battery out still did the drying thing...overnight i left it in rice to dry it out...phone still wouldnt turn on next day...so took battery out put it back in rice for a few hours...eventually decided to take it out of rice and just leave it all sitting out on a towel to dry...today the phone turned on and everything and i know it is working cause i called my house and the buttons are working and everything, except the screen is completly black, cant see anything...anything i can do to fix it will it go away with time or anything?

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    Re: Another Water Damage Question...Help Appreciated

    You probably shorted something out to the screen itself, even though the keyboard is OK. Check with your carrier to see what your options are.

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