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    First of all, I am not much of an expert with cell phones technology...

    I have a quad-band GSM Motorola V195S cell phone. All my contacts are stored on the current SIM card. (They are actually on the SIM card, not the phone memory.) I am now traveling to another country and will purchase a SIM card from the local telco. How do I transfer all my contacts information from one SIM card to the other one?

    I basically want to use the same cell phone, but with a different SIM card in it. All I need is to transfer my contacts from one SIM card to the other one.

    My phone has some sort of mini-USB port that I use to re-charge it. Can I use the same port to maybe copy my contacts to a PC, remove the original SIM card, install the new SIM card (my phone is unlocked, BTW), and then copy the contacts to the new SIM card? If yes, do I need special software? Can somebody please give me instructions as detailed as possible? I am not much of an expert...


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    Re: Want To Move Contacts From One SIM Card To Another SIM Card

    Just save you contacts on to the phone, that way when you insert the new sim card you will already have your contacts there, from there you can also copy contacts to that new sim and you can keep them on the phone as well.
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    Re: Want To Move Contacts From One SIM Card To Another SIM Card

    All else fails you can take the phone to a store and they will swap byour contacts over in 5 minutes for you.

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