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    I have no idea in hell why this phone did not come with these simple features, does anyone know how I can maybe download or buy these apps. as I see no way to do it on my phone.

    ps. this phone and service are horrible, I regret my purchase so much

    See More: i776 Calculator and Alarm

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    Re: i776 Calculator and Alarm

    I've been having a similar experience with this phone. I miss my old Motorola W385...It was a simple phone but at least it got the job done well, and hell, even came with a calculator and alarm. I backed up all my contacts with Motorola Phone Tools, but then come to find out that the tools aren't even compatible with iden phones. I'm having a lot of trouble getting this phone to do what I'd like it to. For instance, being able to delete the Java Apps to free up space, texts going to the SMS folder without being able to see who sent them or reply, and now people are telling me they've been trying to reach me and getting immediate voice mail. Damn it man.

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    Re: i776 Calculator and Alarm

    6 days later and no response..............

    I had an Krzr K1m which works on CDMA network and it was perfect. Ring tones, applications, alarms, calculator, calender,etc......

    I dropped it on the ground and it broke so I replaced it with the i776, I cannot stress how different the service is on this phone compared to my last.

    I live in Miami Fl, so there you go............

    Problem is Boost is no longer selling CDMA phones and are pushing IDEN, as of now I have no choice but to use it, but as soon as I get some more money I'm switching...

    Sure the $50 a month is great, but service is not good and too many dropped calls are happening to frequent.

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    Re: i776 Calculator and Alarm

    Hi I get a moto i335 from Boost Mobile a couple of weeks ago and when I realize it didnt have a calculator I was very surprised and upset , but after some time searching the web and thanks to the old google I found it and the way to send it to my phone (of course for free). email me if you are interested or if you want to try for yourself take a look at (they dont let me put the link in this forum) you can send apps and games too.
    If need help or not unerstand how it works email me.

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    Re: i776 Calculator and Alarm

    Hey yaal,
    Ive done some things in my Boost phone that made everything better (signal, internet speed, ...).
    Here it goes a tip to make your signal much, much, much better (faster text message, no drop calls...) !!!

    First tip, to receive text messages/alerts quicker:
    Menu> Settings>Phone Calls>Notifications>
    Select RECEIVE ALL

    Second Tip, to improve considerably the signal:
    Type quick:
    # + * + Menu + Right Arrow

    A menu should open.

    Go into Err/Channel and select it on.

    Some numbers should be appearing on top of the screen... but just ignore it.

    Those two steps made Boost service actaully pretty good for me... and I was about to go back to Att.
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    Re: i776 Calculator and Alarm

    Um just post how to do it, I see nothing......

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    Re: i776 Calculator and Alarm

    What does turning on Err/Channel do? I did it and it did not make my browser any noticably faster but it displayed some numbers on the top left of my screen from time to time.

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    Re: i776 Calculator and Alarm

    Booststuff(dot)com. There you'll find an alarm clock and calculator.

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