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    Hey guys, I got the data cable but no driver disk. I found the USB driver installation on the motorola site but I'm not sure which software do I use to transfer things like ringtones over to the phone? Any ideas?

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    Re: Trying to find software to use with nextel i730 data cable

    I have a Motorola Z6tv (Verizon), and along with my USB data cable, I use the following two free software apps to access the phone's file system so that I can add ringtones, wallpaper graphics, etc.:

    Motorola Software Update (MSU). You may already have this; if not, get it here:

    Motorola - Support - Software Update

    P2kCommander (P2K). You may have to "experiment" with the different versions until you find one that works with your phone (I use 5.1.0). Check it out here:

    Index of /commander
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