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    i have had the motorola i776 for about two months now and i still can't get free downloads from anywhere I think Boost mobile should let consumers know that they are not third party compatible. Please tell me why does boost charge almost 3 dollars per ringtone? Everything else about the phone is great crystal clear conversation - I love the chirp !

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    Re: motorola i776 undownloadable

    I have the same phone and this same issue as well. I've searched high and low for ringtones and none that I've found are compatible with this phone. Now, I could be wrong, but I believe the problem is that the i776 doesn't support mp3 format. From what I've read, it supports wav or wma and maybe 3gp. In any case, there should be ringtones out there for us. I just haven't found them yet. If I do, I'll reply back to this post and let you know.

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    Re: motorola i776 free downloads not working

    The i776 is mp3 compatible. I have had one for about a month now. I have sent myself mp3's via email and also a USB data cable I bought for $4. I cannot figure out how to make them ringtones though. They go into my media player and cannot be assigned as ringtones.

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    Re: motorola i776 free downloads not working

    I figured out how to transfer ringtones to my i776 a couple days after I made this first post. I posted more topics and such on other sites and I updated all of them on how to put ringtones on the i776, but I totally forgot about this post. In any case, I hope the information I give here will be helpful to anyone who reads it. So, here we go...

    I will provide links for everything in this post so you don't have to scour the web for software and information. Putting ringtones on your new i776 isn't as hard as it seems, so don't be overwhelmed by all the links in this post. It's always better to have more information than you need than to have not enough. So, lets get down to it. I've heard from several people that you can't send ringtones through text messages or emails. I haven't been able to make it work that way, so I had to find another way. Webjal was the solution I was looking for. Webjal only works with Motorola iDen phones. It's a pretty simple program to understand and use if you do your homework. Webjal allows you to connect your phone with your computer and upload ringtones, wallpapers, and java applications and games. But, in order to do this, you WILL need a mini usb data cable. You can find them online and at many cell phone stores. Your best bet is to get one at the same place you bought your phone. You will find links below on installing and using webjal to upload ringtones and such to your phone.

    Next, I'm going to tell you about ventones.com. This website allows you to take music files from your computer and create a ringtone from any 30 second section of the song. It also gives you the option of adding treble to the ringtone so it will sound more crisp and clear when played through your phone. I usually add treble to my ringtones, but it depends on what kind of song you're going add to your phone. After you've created your new ringtone you'll need to save it to your computer and upload it to your phone using webjal.

    But, before you can do that, you'll need to download dbpoweramp and convert the 30 second ringtone to a format your phone can play. Mp3 ringtones will need to be in this format in order to be playable: 8 kHz, 32 kbps, Mono. Wav will need to be: 8 kHz, 8 kbps, Mono. And Midi tones will be to be Type 0. Mp3 tones should be about 200kb in size. Wav tones should be about 400kb in size. Midi tones should be about 28kb in size. Now, this may seem complicated, but using dbpoweramp it's actually quite simple. dbpoweramp lets you convert the ringtones to these settings quite easily. Just install it and right click an unconverted ringtone then click 'convert to' and it will let you choose these settings and convert the ringtone easily. Once you've done this, all that's left to do is connect your phone to your computer and use webjal to upload your newly created ringtone to your phone. This may seem complicated, but it's actually pretty simple if you follow the links provided at the end of this tutorial and read carefully.

    I think I've covered everything, but if anyone has any questions you can email me at [email protected]. I hope this covers everything, and I hope you all find it useful. Good luck.

    Information about webjal.

    More information and a direct link to download webjal.

    Instructions about installing and using webjal.

    Information on ringtone formats and a link to dbpoweramp near the bottom.

    Ventones is a website that allows you to create ringtones from music files already saved on your computer. After creating a ringtone you will need to save it to your computer and upload it to your phone using webjal.

    Another website that allows you to create ringtones from music files already saved to your computer.

    Applications and games for the i776.

    iDen uploader for uploading games and applications to iDen phones. Files will need to be in .zip format to upload using this site. If you only have the .jar and .jad files you can add them to a .zip file using Winzip.

    Website with a few games and applications as well as information on Boost Mobile and Motorola iDen phones.
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