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    Anyone figure out unlock codes for Boost mobile i776? Is there any way to change the "Boost" tag on the screen?

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    Re: Unlock i776?

    There are sticky's in the forum for removing the provider tag, but I would suggest letting a technician unlock your phone for you. It only costs about $15 and there's no risk of bricking your phone. Do more research and you should find what you're looking for.

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    Re: Unlock i776?

    1. Power on your Motorola I776 with your new unaccepted SIM card in
    2. Phone will display “Enter Special Code”
    3. You can now enter your free unlock code.

    If you get any errors or warnings this means you or someone else has entered too many incorrect unlock codes. You will then have to wait for an hour or so for the unlock prompt to appear again. Furthermore, if you need more help on finding your IMEI number, check out my previous phone guide on How To Find IMEI Number.

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