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    Ive downloaded ringtones and all but i just dont like how they sound, but i dont want to raise a huge bill getting on the internet, i use boost, and cant afford the 50 dollar plan, but i was wondering if anyone knew of a software, free i might add, that could transfer ringtones from my computer to my i425, so far i havent found any compatible, thanks, any help would be awesome...$3 for a crappy ringtone is getting old lol, and plus they only last like 5 seconds, it sucks...well anyways thank you!

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    Re: Need Software for a Motorola i425

    I use Webjal. It's free, but you'll need to invest in a usb data cable. They cost about $10. Webjal allows you to upload ringtones, applications, and games to your Motorola iDen phone. This link has information on webjal, as well as a direct link to download. Read as much from this website as possible.

    I use ventones.com to create ringtones from music files I have saved on my computer. After you upload a song you can select any 30 second section of the song that you want to make a ringtone from. After you've selected your section you can save the ringtone to your computer. From there, I use dbpoweramp to convert the ringtone to a format that's playable on my phone. My i776 requires the format of mp3 tones to be 8khz, 32kbps, mono. The i425 requires the format of mp3 tones to be 8khz, 48kbps, mono. Make sure encoding is set to constant bitrate. Converting ringtones is easy with dbpoweramp. Right click on your ringtone, select 'Convert to', then change the settings to 8khz, 48kbps, mono, and then convert the tone and you're done. Next, you simply connect the phone to your computer, run Webjal, connect Webjal to your phone, and upload the ringtone. It may sound complicated, but once you try it out you'll see it's quite simple.

    Also, zedge.com is another good site for making ringtones from files you already have saved on your computer.

    The format for wav tones is 8khz, 8kbps, mono. Midi tones should be type 0 format.

    And, I've just confirmed on my i776 that mp3 tones in 8khz, 48kbps, mono will work. If anyone has any questions about using Webjal, dbpoweramp, or any other questions about transferring ringtones to your Motorola i776 or i425 send me a PM or you can email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to help you.

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    Re: Need Software for a Motorola i425

    MOT-A-8B/00.00 UP.Browser/ (GUI) MMP/2.0 UP.Link/

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