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    Can anyone tell me what this code is? I found it in my quick notes, I did not put it there. The code reads as follows: I can'||chr(39)||'t talk now.

    I appears to be some sort of code. I noticed it shortly after my phone decided not to ring anymore, it goes straight to voicemail. I can't delete the quick note and customer service can't find a way to unlock the security code. The phone unlock code I have, but not the master reset. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks.

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    Re: Found strange code on my motorola i290 phone

    I don't know if you are still checking this post, but to answer your question I am pretty sure the phone either messed up or you somehow saved a Quick Note (Qnotes) when you were trying to send a text. Check where you go to enter text messages where it says Qnotes and you will see the same line " I can'||chr(39)||t talk now" the ||chr(39)|| is just the phones programming for an apostrophe. It isn't some special "code" at all.

    For your security code, try going to Settings>Security>Change Passwds>Security Code and the default code is 6 Zeros as in "000000" It worked for me.

    Let me know how it goes.

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