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    Motorola RAZR2-V9
    I've had my Moto RAZR2-V9 for about a year now, and for the past couple months the camera has started to act up. (My friend has the exact same phone and has had it for just a bit longer than me and hers is doing the same thing).

    Basically the pictures are extremely, extremely grainy and shadows are all chunky and such. So, the quality is horrible. I have a picture I can show for an example but I'm not allowed to post it because my post count isn't above 20...

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my phone might be doing this? My friend already suggested it might be because I have too many photos saved, so I deleted them all, but the problem still persists.

    Any advice would be great, as it sort of sucks not being able to take half-decent pictures with my phone! Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Moto RAZR2-V9 Camera problems

    i have exactly the same problem

    i believe it is a tricky situation


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