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    I have to resort back to my old Moto W490 phone for about a week. So I decide to locate the Mobile Phone Tool software with no luck, but I was able to find a free version of this software (I know that it's unsafe to do so) but so far it look legit. My problem is the software can not detect the phone. All drivers are updated, it tries to search for a modem? and then says it needs to update the phone list and then returns with my phone is up-to-date. and then goes back again to do a search again. The second time it comes back it ask if I want to install the Motorola Phone Tool Manually? Then it provides me a list of device.

    Other device
    HUAWEI Mobile Connect
    Motorola USB Modem

    I would select Motorola USB Modem
    and then it would provide a list of device configuration

    Bluetooth Adpater
    Motorola CDMA
    Motorola GSM
    Motorola TDMA

    Off to the right for each of the above selection it wants to know the model.
    I've search each one, one by one and I can not find my model #.

    The Mobile Phone Tool is version 4.5.1

    Any help would be great. Thanks

    I would also like to rant about Motorola and it software. Over a year ago I bought the downloaded MPT and now I can get another copy and motorola has closed this out. I wish that they had email or call me to tell me that they were going to close the software download site and to download and backup the software. Also why charge people for the software? Most phone don't need software to access your phone from pc to computer. They are chargeing $50 bucks just to get the software. What a jep!

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    Update: After trail and error what I did was went ahead and selected any device that wasn't mine, and I got into the main screen where I was able to do a complete upgrade of the software and now got my device to be detected correctly. What a headache this was!

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