MicroSD Card Settings

Viewing Memory in the microSD Card
With the microSD card inserted, touch the Applications button > Settings > SD card & phone storage. (The used and available memory space will be displayed.)

Formatting the microSD Card
1. Before you remove or format your memory card you need to unmount it. Touch the Applications button > Settings > SD card & phone storage > Unmount SD card.
2. To format your memory card, touch Format SD card.

microSD Card Files

Touch the Media button > Files > SD card. Touch a file or folder to open, and then touch and hold a file to Delete or Share.

Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer

You can connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable.

1. With a memory card inserted, and your phone showing the home screen, connect a Motorola micro USB data cable from your phone’s micro USB port to a USB port on your computer. Your phone should show in the status bar.
2. On your phone, flick down the status bar to see the USB connection options.
3. Touch an option:

  • Motorola Phone Portal: Connect your phone and computer with a cable or a Wi-Fi network to share files through an easy-to-use home screen.
  • Windows® Media Player Sync: Share media files between your computer and phone.
  • USB mass storage: Drag and drop files between your computer and memory card folders. When you’re done, use “Safely Remove Hardware” before disconnecting the USB cable.
  • Charge Only: Use the connection only to charge a device.

The first time you use a USB connection, your computer may indicate that drivers are being installed. Follow any prompts you see to complete the installation. This may take a few minutes. Make sure to connect the phone to a high power USB port. Typically, these are located directly on the back of your computer. You can’t use the files on your memory card with your phone while it is connected to the computer.

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