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    So, what I am hearing is that Tracfone and net10 are the same company, but will a net10 phone allow you to buy tracfone minutes? i am looking at LG Optimus Q, and on the Walmart website, it says that it is a Net10 phone, but it has the tracfone symbol. Can somebody help me to clarify this? my parents really dont want to do a monthly plane, and hopefully we wont have to!


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    Re: Tracfone and Net10 Difference?

    Well, Tracfone in the parent company that sells under the names Tracfone, Net10, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk, and Safelink. They are all MVNO networks, which use major carriers towers. Which ones depends on where you are located. They also all offer different plans, and different phones, but they may overlap in some (probably most) cases. So to answer your question, it doesn't matter.

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    Re: Tracfone and Net10 Difference?

    Like tavenger5 mentioned, they're all owned by the same company, but whichever company you choose you need to go with the plan available on that company and purchase minutes through hat company. For example, you can't purchase a Net10 Android phone and use a TracFone plan. You must choose a Net10 plan and purchase that plan through Net10.

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