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    The Motorola Moto G has been recently announced and released in certain parts of the world. This handset delivers great value for money, so if you've decided to buy one and you wish to transfer some iPhone contacts on it, then this is how you do it. Below you will find four easy methods of iPhone contact transfer. Pick the one that you find more suited for your needs.

    Transferring iPhone Contacts via iTunes:

    You can use iTunes to sync your iPhone contacts with your Google account. To do so:

    1. Launch iTunes on your computer. If necessary, download the iTunes launcher from the official Apple website
    2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the proprietary USB connector
    3. Once your iPhone is connected, it should appear in iTunes. Click on your iPhone to view its summary page
    4. Click the "Info" tab
    5. Mark the "Sync Contacts With" check box, and select "Google Contacts" from the drop-down menu
    6. Enter your Google account log in details, if you havenít done so before. Alternatively, click on "Configure" and select a previously set Google account
    7. Click "Apply" and let iTunes to finish syncing the contacts
    8. On your Moto G, register the same Google account, if you haven't done so before. To add an account, go to "Settings" > "Accounts"
    9. Allow your Google account to sync your contacts to your Moto G

    Using iCloud to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone:

    If you've previously enabled the iCloud service on your iPhone, then your contacts should be already backed up onto your iCloud account. You can then export these contacts. To do so:

    1. Using your computer, navigate to www.icloud.com and log in with your iCloud account
    2. Click "Contacts"
    3. In the list of contacts, select the ones that you wish to export
    4. Click the icon depicting a cog wheel, located at the lower left corner. Then, select "Export vCard"
    5. Your computer should now download a VCF file containing the previously selected contacts
    6. Once the download is complete, import the VCF file to "Google Contacts". Alternatively, connect your Moto G to your computer and copy the VCF file onto your Motorola's "/sdcard" directory. Then, access the "People" app, tap the "Menu" icon > "Import / Export" and select "Import from SD card" or "Import from storage"

    Using the "My Contacts Backup" Application to Transfer Contacts:

    In case you don't want to use a computer in order to transfer your iPhone contacts, you can use the "My Contacts Backup" application to do so.

    1. On your iPhone, visit the App Store and install "My Contacts Backup"
    2. Launch the app and tap "Backup". This will create a VCF file with your iPhone contacts
    3. After the backup is complete, tap "Email" to attach the VCF file to an email
    4. Send the email containing the attachment, to your own Gmail account
    5. On your Moto G, open the email containing the VCF file, and download it to import the contacts on your device

    Using "Bump" to Transfer iPhone Contacts:

    Bump is an application that allows you to transfer contacts from an iPhone to the Moto G without sending emails or connecting to a computer. It all revolves around cloud computing, so you will need an active Internet connection on both smartphones

    1. Install "Bump" on both your iPhone and your Moto G, by visiting the App Store and Google Play Store respectively
    2. Launch "Bump" on both handsets and allow permissions when prompted
    3. On the iPhone, swipe to the right and access the "Contacts" section
    4. From the list of contacts, select the ones that you wish to transfer
    5. When the label "Bump now!" appears on the upper-right corner, you can lightly bump the two smartphones together, in order to begin the process
    6. Tap the "Connect" button in the pop-up, and allow the two devices to communicate
    7. Your iPhone contacts should now be exported to the Moto G

    See More: Transferring Contacts From an iPhone to the Moto G

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    Re: Motorola Moto G: 4 Easy Methods of Transferring Contacts From an iPhone to the Moto G

    Thanks for sharing this useful guide that should be a very useful reading for anyone who is looking to buy Moto G. I am also tempting to buy this one as I think this is one of the best phones from Motorola.

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