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    WARNING! Master resetting your phone will result in the deletion of all personal data stored on the internal memory, including ringtones, contacts, downloads, applications etc. Furthermore all settings will be restored to factory values.

    NOTE: Before proceeding with the master reset, you can visit this thread to learn how you can back up and restore data on the Moto X Pure Edition.

    Master Reset via Settings:

    1. Open the apps drawer
    2. Go to “Settings”
    3. Scroll to “Personal” and tap “Backup & reset”
    4. Tap “Factory data reset”
    5. In case your phone is protected by a PIN, pattern or password, enter it
    6. Tap “Reset phone”

    Master Reset via Recovery:

    NOTE: In case you are unable to factory reset the phone using the method above, you can try resetting it from recovery, following the steps below.

    1. Turn off the phone
    2. Press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power” at the same time
    3. Release the buttons
    4. Use “Volume Down” to navigate to and highlight “Recovery”
    5. Press “Volume Up” to select “Recovery”
    6. At the screen displaying an Android robot lying down, press and hold “Power”, and press and release “Volume Up”
    7. Navigate the Recovery menu using the volume rocker, and highlight “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”
    8. Press “Power” to select the option
    9. Select “Yes – Delete all user data” and press “Power”
    10. With “Reboot System Now” highlighted, press “Power” and wait for your phone to restart

    Check for Software Updates:

    NOTE: After a factory reset you should check for new software updates. To do so:

    1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
    2. Go to “Settings”
    3. Scroll down to “System”
    4. Tap “About phone”
    5. Tap “System updates” and follow the on-screen steps to install the update if available

    See More: Moto X Pure Edition: Factory Reset and Check for OS Updates

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    Re: Moto X Pure Edition: Factory Reset and Check for OS Updates

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