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    1. Get messages short on memory (total 8GB). Can anything be done? Delete unwanted apps? The shop says they’re all needed for it to work properly, but I’m sceptical about that.
    2. There is a 2nd slot for a mini-SD card. Shop says an extra card would only store photos, so wouldn’t help with phone memory. Is this true?
    3. How can I remove/delete unwanted apps? When I try Disable, I get Cancel or Disable App. Hitting Disable, it doesn’t do it, but says Do you want to replace app with factory version, Cancel or OK? I don't know, what is the factory version? And if I do that, would it cause any problem, and would it help the memory situation anyway?

    Hope somebody can help

    Roger Flavell

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    Re: Motorola G3 memory

    thank you my friend

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