I have Motorola (Moto) E4 with a damage display-screen/black/not viewable. The phone itself …..the internal electronic parts are in excellent working condition. So the phone still works. It beeps, the alarm automatically still goes off, Moto reboot/start-up sounds still play.

I need to put my phone into the “Debugging Mode” but I am unable to do so, due the fact that the display-screen is totally damaged and unviewable.

All (or most computer software) on the market that allows you to access the files within your phone require that the phone be placed in the “Debugging Mode”.

By using my laptop computer (or otherwise) how do I get around this or is there software I can install within my computer while using a simple USB connection, that would force my phone to go into the “Debugging Mode” (or otherwise)? In detailed, Layman’s Language Please. Thank You.

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