Hi guys, first post on here so my sincerest apologies if this has been already addressed elsewhere in the forums..

I got a Moto G Fast 2020 phone (I know I know, not the greatest phone but at the sale price I got it at couldn't pass it up and it's for my mom in law who isn't likely to say do any hardcore mobile gaming on it :P ) .... it's the first phone I've purchased with the camera lens built into it (upper left hand corner) in such a way that a screen protector would normally cover the camera lens if applied to it.

I also purchased the zizo bolt phone case for it and zizo includes a tempered glass screen protector .. but the screen protector would cover the camera lens if I apply it. The only other option I'm seeing with a cut-out such that the camera lens isn't covered is a supershieldz screen protector and the amazon reviews for it are terrible, people just really seem to hate the moto g fast 2020 version of that screen protector.

I guess what I'm wondering is has anyone applied a tempered glass screen over their camera lens on their phone and if so did this create any problems with using the camera? (say for video calls, taking pictures, that sort of thing) ... in the ( highly unlikely I know) event anyone is specifically using a zizo brand tempered glass screen protector like me who wants to comment that would be super helpful ... but honestly I'll take any help or comments I can get !

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and replies ..

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