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    I have two Moto phones, a G6 and a G7 Play, both a few years old.
    I am going to New Zealand and want to buy a local SIM so thought I would upgrade to a dual SIM, Motog82 (new model).
    I checked on a local carriers website which included a compatibility checker and input the IMEI numbers for both my old phones. Both of these are apparently good to go and will work on their network. Given that the new phone is a much higher specification and has all the network connectivity and frequency bands of the older phones AND MORE, I assumed that this one would work to. However when I input the IMEI it says that this one will NOT work on their network.
    I am struggling to figure out why this might be the case. It isn't possible to message the carrier from the UK. I have contacted Motorola who have confirmed that according the information I supplied regarding the frequency bands used by the carrier, the phone appears to be compatible but they cannot guarantee it (I wouldn't expect them to of course). The carrier does say that the phone needs to support VoLTE so I wonder if that's the problem, but surely all new cellphones will have that capability wouldn't they? I have asked Motorola that question but so far no response.
    I should mention that I canot check the phone settings as currently the box remains sealed - I want to at least confirm that is likely to work before I open it, otherwise I will return it.
    Anyone got any ideas how this works and can you suggest why two older phones might work when a more highly spec'd new one with all the connectivity and more of the older ones wouldn't?

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    Re: Phone connectivity overseas

    The main thing is not to forget to carry your phone in a new case

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    Re: Phone connectivity overseas

    Yes, of course you're right. After buying a brand new smartphone, you immediately need to paste a protective glass and buy a good case in order to keep the new condition. I found an otterbox company that deals with cases.

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