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    Was thinking the same thing

    I just signed up and was windering what cpf cash was. Maybe someone should add it to FAQ

    See More: Hi im new

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    me too, but finally i got the answer..
    the likely lad

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    new today


    I'm a coder (well these days more business analyst, go up the food chain or..)who's now really enjoying the v551 phone and will simply have to get in deep (ringtones, backgrounds, java games etc) to enjoy it - sweet phone!

    I was eyeing the motorola kit (like $40 with usb & cd), I understand there is a similiar bluetooth kit (for like another $10 or $20), but I also understand there is software doing similiar things which are freeware

    Right now I have WAP access but I believe my wife just plopped on a 1MB plan which came with some text and picture messaging

    I have cingular as a service

    With all that said I'm interested in what is out there from just getting rocking (need more ringtones! make them myself or nab 'em from sites)
    all the way to seeing what people are doing in the indepth department
    (java games, versions, anyone doing anything with mobile .Net technologies)

    great to find a forum like this!
    cheers CKaz

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