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    hey im new here but not to online forums. i am a member on www.nissanforums.com and a moderator on www.nent.v27.net (the latter is a north east nissan tuners club i and a few others ahve started........if you live in the north east of MD USA and own a nissan join us!) but yea i am getting a v220 motorola soon in the mail from cingular for free..............anything i should know about it? <oh man this guy rocks) like are there any drivers i need? and can i download them for free

    what is this "money" in my profile i see?

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    hey 1.6 pete, Welcome to the forums! Glad to have u here.

    Read this link to find out more about the CPF money.

    As for the things u have to download, there isn't much really, except if u have problems with the ringtones, u can read the threads stickied at the top of the forum.

    An example is the "Problems Playing Your Tones?! Download This! " thread .

    Music never looked this Good

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