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There are two ways in which to download ring-tones and other multimedia content to your phone. Depending on your service provider, you can download ring-tones directly to your phone, or purchase a compatible data cable and software for you specific phone make and model.
Open Network Providers
Cingular and T-Mobile (and formerly AT&T Wireless) operate an “open network” which allows their customer to download content from various companies via the internet. An “open network” has a wealth of creative downloadable content for the user. Our partner, Jamster is the most popular online provider of exciting downloadable options for one small monthly fee. Search for ring-tones and more content here, or look for a compatible data cable.

Closed Network Providers
Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, Alltel, Virgin Mobile, SunCom, and others all operate “closed networks”. Customers from these carriers can only download content from the provider’s website directly, or find a compatible data cable to download content directly from your PC to your phone. For older phones, we recommend viewing your owner’s manual to see if your phone supports direct uploads via a data-cable.

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