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    Hi guys,
    im jimmy....waits for everyone to say hi....
    anyways, i own a cellular accessory store in a mall and we make ringtones and sell them to people as well as sell all kinds of accessories. Ive worked at a Verizon Wireless corporate store, and managed a agent location for 4 years. I decided to venture out and start my own (why be in the mall all day every day making someone else money when it could be mine right?)
    so thats the basics...

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    Re: New member Intro

    Welcome to CPF!!!

    We're glad you found us! Feel free to jump on in. If you have any questions about the site they can probably be answered in our FAQ or in this New Member Help forum. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out around here, and once more, welcome aboard!!!
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    Re: New member Intro

    Welcome team.

    Heck...with your experience, I'm sure you'll become a very valuable asset to our little corner of the internet....please, if you can help somebody out, by all means do. Like Brad said, if you by chance have a question....well....Brad know....
    You are CRUNCHY, and taste good with Ketchup!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jeaniesing
    "flopped"? wowsie Boss... your's must be way different than my cheapie thing,,, mine has never flopped...
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    Re: New member Intro

    I have donated CPF$600 to you just for you to get started. Welcome to the forum . I hope you have a good time here.
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