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    Hello Everyone!

    Just stumbled along these forums when i did a search for ringtones on yahoo and immediately I was blown away by the content and the expertise on cellphones from all the members. I recently bought a LG VX9800 and am looking forward to getting the most out of the features and media through the help everyone here. Im going to quickly tell my firends and buddy's at work about this place and look forward to being very active and helpfull in any way I can. But most of all I am looking forward to all the fun stuff to do here...

    Talk to you guys later

    See More: Hola!!
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    Re: Hola!!

    Welcome to CPF Atticus,

    Lots of great people, info and fun here.

    Make sure you and your friends read the FAQ's as they really do help here, with understanding what a lot of the features of the Forum are. (most of them fun!)

    And to start off I the Mighty and Powerfull "BEAR", shall bestow upon you, the newly posting member of CPF, 200 CPF$! TADA!

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    Re: Hola!!

    Great to see ya here Atticus22. Now if you're wanting to know what to do with the CPF you just got, go here: CPF Forum Store
    There's some cool goodies in there, have fun!

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    Re: Hola!!

    Welcome to the Forums

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    Re: Hola!!

    My name is Gino by the way...
    This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your signature to help him gain world domination.

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    Re: Hola!!

    Hi there! Cool avatar!

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