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    Tokyo, Honolulu, New York
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    I actually didn't even see this forum till now, so I figured I would say hello and introduce myself.

    Most people call me "Frost", I reside in New York, Honolulu, and Tokyo. I am currently in Tokyo. I am student for life pretty much, but my work is basically a mix economics, business practices and investments (I have a confusing job title).

    I also have a confession, I have a problem. For some reason I can't stop buying cellphones and electronics. My girlfriend has a similar problem, except it involves cellphones and girlie accessories (bags, shoes.. etc). Maybe some of you have similar problems, but I figured the first step is confession!

    If anyone ever has any questions.. Feel free to ask. If it's not something I can help you with, I am sure I can find someone who can.

    Thank You, now if you excuse me I have to go shop for phones.

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    Re: Yet another new member intro..

    Howdy FrostCS and welcome to CPF.

    So you are one of those addicts that just can't pass an electronics shop in a new city without stopping in and buying a couple hundread dollars worth of stuff.

    Well the good thing about that problem is, you'll have the stuff 24 hours later, vs drugs where it's up your nose, smoked or in a vein and gone before you can say, "Jack is a bad boy, spent all the money on drugs not toys", 10 times fast. Heheh

    Thanks for the intro and have fun while you are here.

    Da Bear

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    Tokyo, Honolulu, New York
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    Re: Yet another new member intro..

    Thanks BlkBear!
    Though beer and drugs don't fill up your closet with boxes!
    Everyone in a while I convince myself to sell one or two things, or get rid of it somehow..
    Next thing I know I buy 4 more things! Problem keeps multiplying..
    Though, when I was younger the problem used to be cars.. now it's electronics. So instead of having 4 cars I don't use filling up the driveway (which would be bad here, Tokyo = $1000 a month for parking), it's just the problem of having to stack clothes in a pile rather then hang them in the closets!
    Maybe in 10 years I will be collecting coins.. big space saver.

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    Re: Yet another new member intro..

    Stamps are an even bigger space saver! hehe... Welcome to the Forums Frost!
    My name is Gino by the way...
    This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your signature to help him gain world domination.

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    Re: Yet another new member intro..


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    Re: Yet another new member intro..

    welcome welcome

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