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    I have resorted to a prepaid tracphone but have an LGLX5450 that will not charge despite new battery, my carrier took great advantage of me and shut it off, and I have data on the phone that I need to retrieve. I am an electronics geek and am a bit tired of using the Nokia 2126 prepaid. I had purchased data cable and wireless card for use with my LG and just as my contract with Alltel was required to provide me with an updated phone, it seems that the company combined all user bills into one and sent it to me! Welcome to my life!

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    Re: Hi I'm a newbette and happy to join!

    First of all, welcome to the forums! I hope you find all the geeky tech info you can possibly stand to digest here. Sorry to hear about your Alltel woes, and your tracfone too. If you have a question regarding one of your phones, you may want to post it in the appropriate manufacturer forum, or if you feel it's more carrier-related, then choose Alltel (or the General Service Provider forum for tracfone). Getting a good answer depends a lot on picking the right forum and giving your threads a good, descriptive title. Hope this helps!

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