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    howdy ya'll!

    ok you'll never catch me saying that in real life but i thought i'd say hi. im really excited about finding this forum. i currently have a blackberry 8700g w/tmobile service but im ready to make a switch...hopefully this will be the place to educate (i really like the samsungs)

    im guessing ill spend as much time on here as i do on and

    See More: greetings from texas!

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    Re: greetings from texas!

    Welcome to CPF, it's always great to see another Texan on here!

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    Re: greetings from texas!

    You know what they say about texas!!

    Im sorry about that just kidding welcome to cpf if you need any help just we will be happy to do what we can.

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    Re: greetings from texas!

    Welcome to the forum. If your having any trouble, please read our FAQ's, they will help with most if not all your question's pertaining to how the forum works.

    If you still can't seem to find the help your looking for either ask in the appropriate area/forum, or go to the main cell phone forums main page and go down to the bottom and click on the forum leader link and private message one of us moderators and we will be sure to help all we can.

    Otherwise, enjoy your stay, and hope to see you around the forum!
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