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    Hi. I am 61 years old, but a graduate electrical engineer who is very interested in technology issues. Cell phones can be baffling for someone trained primarily in analog technology - transistors were new and exciting as I graduated from college.

    I have one primary question, and I am unsure where to post it. I have a qualcomm cell phone that fits on a charger moun ted in my car. With the car kit and the phone, I was able to answer incoming calls in the car, with the phone plugged in a cradle, with my voice - never tutching the phone. The battery gradually discharged., That it at all possible to to get a phone that can I answer by the sound of my voice wthout having to touch the phone? I would be even willing, if it is possible, to connect a new phone to my old qualcomm car kit if that is what it takes. Can anyone help me, and/or advise me as to where to post this question? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Old guy but new to forum


    Welcome to the forums!

    I'm honestly not sure if what you're looking for is possible. Most of the time, with headsets and car kits a button has to be pressed one way or another.

    Your question may get overlooked in this forum. I would post in the general cell phone forum and see if you get a better response.

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    Re: Old guy but new to forum

    I'm sure there are some kind of bluetooth ear peices that make this possible out there....but overall, the common ones you find wont be able to do this.

    Most of them you just wear on your can dial by voice...and call people, but I think to answer you would just have to press the one and only button on it (so its not too complicated)

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Re: Old guy but new to forum

    A lot of phones support automatic answer when attached to headsets or when connected to car kits. If you don't mind being forced to answer all calls, this might be a good substitute for voice answering.

    You can probably get your battery rebuilt or replaced if your old phone is still doing the job. That's one advantage of being 61; you'll care more for functionality than being at the bleeding edge of technology. If your phone is satisfactory in all other ways, it's worth considering.

    Welcome to the forums. By the way I'm turning 40 this year so although I'm younger than you are, I'm not exactly young
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