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    Hello all -- I'm new here and hope to learn a lot from all of you, and at some point maybe i can help out others as well. The reason i came looking for this forum is that I am completley in the dark with respect to worldwide use of cell phones. I am a Verizon member in the US and travel to Europe and, on occassion, to Japan. I would REALLY like to be able to use my US phone in Europe but unfortunately my currentphone is Treo 700W -- a great phone but as best I can tell, not usuable oveseas. So I'd like to find out what others in my position do - currenly i just rent a phone at the airport and I have to beleive there is a better way than this. I'd consider changing phones if needed, but i can't switch away from Verizon in the US, as my business uses it. I find a smartphone (QWERTY keyboard) preferential over other options, but I'm willing to listen to any advice at all. if someone can direct me to the right place in this forum I'll gladly head over there....



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    Re: Hello from a new member

    Howdy, hope you enjoy the site! Verizon does have international phones/plans you can purchase.

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