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    Ok, I do not know too much about phones, and I am currently looking to get my first cell phone plan and a cell phone. I am 21, so I am still on my parents line, and starting to realize they have different needs. I just graduated college and my boyfriend is still in college. Thus, this upcoming year we will be separated. To get to reason why I am here... I am looking to get us on the same phone plan, but I do not know where to start. For instance I have no idea what kind of phones we should get. I think we would enjoy having a phone that would make it easy for us to text, aim, and talk. I have grown up with aim and I love the idea of aim and texting on my phone. I don't need an mp3 player or a great camera. I have a razor right now and I don't ever take pictures because they look terrible, and I never text because first of all that's not part of my parents plan, and secondly it takes me 10 minutes to type out the simplest things. I would if possible like a phone that lets me email, and has a decent scheduler, makes it easy to text/and possibly aim and ocassionally web browse. I have been looking around at different phone types and I feel really overwhelmed because I am afraid I will buy something and it will not deliver, I never trust sales people. If someone could point me in the right direction based on experience that would be much appreciated.

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    Re: I need a little help

    I would go with Verizon and their family share plan. You can talk to any Verizon customer for free any and all the time. So, both of you have Verizon, you can talk for hours and never use any of your minutes on your plan. This goes for any Verizon customer.

    As for phones, I would seriously look at the LG VX 9900 (enV). It has a full qwerty keyboard just like your computer, so texting would be and is as simple as typing on your computer's keyboard. (with a little practice that is) It is also pre-loaded with AIM, MSN, and Yahoo chat services.

    Links to both are here:

    Verizon's Plans

    Look at the Family Share plans.

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