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    d brogan37
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    Hi just to introduce myself I am a retired scottish baker from Glasgow Scotland been in USA since 1961 I am a naturalised citizen and proud to be one but my heart is always with bonnie Scotland.I am a Verizon subscriber for the last six years and I have tried a few phones right now I have lg 8300 and I cant wait to unload it I get lousy bluetooth reception on my wireless earpiece and I have tried three different motorola models I had no trouble with my last phone a motorola v710 so I think I am going back to motorola or mabye a samsung if anyone has any ideas fell free to email me my wife and I both have the same phones we dont really need all the bells and whistles only a clam box with bluetooth ,good reception ,speakerphone ,voice recognition ,cost is not a real factor we just want a good phone to be basically used as a phone,thank you Danny B.

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    Re: hi Danny b Scotsman new lad

    Sup.. I am also a first dayer....

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